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History of the Brand

Since 2008, the French brand X-Peria invents and develops bicycles and high-tech components for competitors and amateur cyclists.

With the experience in competition and after many tests and trials, only the best components, presenting optimum performance qualities, comfort and lightness as well as our best bicycle frames are selected to integrate the X-Peria.

Fruit of the competition, the X-Peria is developed and tested in Frence for responsiveness and optimum design. The assembly of the bikes X-Peria is also Made in Frence; customizing the installation is possible with short deadlines. The decoration made in Frence is a major asset, so you get a graphic personalization of your frame with optimum quality in much shorter implementation times.

In addition the French meticulous assembly and the hand of our wheels ensures an optimal balance of shelving tensions. The use of a control blood pressure and standardizes the voltage applied on each spoke of the wheel. Finally destress technique known although requiring long work generates increased fatigue strength and life of the wheel.

Laboratories tests performed in Frence also provide enhanced security to users and guarantee compliance to the most stringent standards vigors both in terms of resistance to the impact of resistance to the most advanced fatigue tests.
Internal Quality Control X-Peria is also made in the local french X-Peria.


Our Philosophy: To meet all types of cyclists

X-Peria is synonymous with quality and technicality.

Our respect for tradition correlated with our innovative vision allows us to analyze each situation, feelings and thus make a perfect fit solution offering the best of ourselves.

Each cyclist is different with weight, power output, pedaling style and management of its own and with different faculties uphill on the flat and downhill.

Therefore, quite logically, we go standardizations, manufacture and customize bikes to meet the real needs and expectations of each user.

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